Sony’s ‘Project Morpheus’ VR headset to come in 2016

As an early backer of Oculus Rift, and owner of the DK2 – as well as of a PlayStation 4, I was pleasantly surprised when Sony last year announced they where also aiming to release a virtual reality headset. This would mean both that VR would get the broad push to go mass-market it needed in terms of having big players that had the expertise to actually deliver hardware to a consumer but also guaranteed that there would be a technology-race to improve and beat the competition by several major players in the industry (and that is great for the consumers in the long run).

As we have not heard any definite word from Oculus yet when their CV1 is to be released (but analysts lean towards a 2016 release) it was with joy I today read the reports from CES that Sony now have announced that they plan to release the product to the market in early 2016.

Even more interesting, and a blog-post over at the PlayStation Network goes into detail about the specifications, is the news that it will be unlocked to go 120fps Рand that presumably intending the PlayStation 4 to be able to run this. As this is stereo-vision it means that, unless something very clever is being done, the system needs to be able to render a full 240 frames per second to maintain this refresh-rate.

With Samsung releasing their Gear VR and Valve coming with their HTC-powered headset (reportedly using 2 separate screens) times ahead for dabbing in VR is looking good. And let’s not forget the HoloLens for the AR market…

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